Al Bani

Al Bani Engineering is a property and investment company focused on the residential and commercial sectors with expertise across all phases of the development cycle.

Our Role

Real estate is an unstable business with huge competition, so it needs every possible benefit to stay ahead. That’s where IIS E-Solutions as a digital marketing agency came in.

We have to cooperate with all situations not only in life but also in business Covid-19 crises changed the rules to advertise for ones’ business. We built a detailed social media strategy for Albani designed visuals with paid ads on both social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

Wondering what value we added to Albani in only 50 days?
– 824 Lead in only three lead ads
– Total Gain Page Likes: 918
– 138% Average Engagement Rate
– 530 Follower on Instagram
– 803% Average Engagement Rate

We used the following objective for the promoted posts based on marketing strategy, which we used to traffic, engagement, and lead generation ads.

Client: Albani
Location: Lebanon
Category: Real Estate
Since: 2021