Nadine Ezzedine

Join us in a relaxing tour on Nadine’s website. We will tell you about her journey and her mission translated in coaching now.
Nadine is a life coach helping people in rewarding their psychological and spiritual comfort zones. Nadine Ezzedine is a Lebanese life coach who went through obstacles that changed her vision in life, and she is helping people make progress in their lives to attain greater fulfillment.

After coordinating with her to design the website she dreamt of, and using our experience in this field IIS E-Solutions a digital marketing agency in Beirut, Limassol, and Detroit is proud that our developers are capable of pleasing the clients’ needs along with the standards we work on.
Nadine’s website is a fast clean website, using her brand’s identity color and concepts. It is a friendly used site and easily categorized to be easily used by the visitors, it is cross-platform.

Client: Nadine Ezzedine
Location: Lebanon
Category: Life Coach

Since: 2021