Crystal Studio

Crystal Studio is a high-tech multipurpose AV rental company based in Qatar since 1996. They offer superior sounds, lights, audio-visual equipment, staging, translation system, photography and event coverage, multimedia design.

IIS E-Solutions web developers in Beirut, Limassol, and Detroit are the team behind the website. The purpose of developing this website was to provide a platform to display the covered events and clients as a portfolio to show their work to support communication between the company and its customers.
Our developers work around the clock to ensure your website functions and works on cross-platforms.
IIS E-Solutions offers a web design service as you see below the website’s layout is designed using simple colors aligned with their identity. It is a fast website like the light and sound offered by Crystals, it aims to help visitors jump smoothly from one page to another and designed for both IOS and Android users.

Client: Crystal Studio
Location: Qatar
Category: Lightening and sounds Company 
Since: 2021