Next Orients Website

Next Orients provides workflow consultation services for small and medium-sized business groups for medical and health care sectors.
IIS E-Solution is a digital marketing agency in Beirut, Limassol, and Detroit and a web- development company.
After our graphic designers re-designed the logo for Next Orients, the old logo was poorly designed, lacked the concept, and used
the wrong fonts. From our experience, we are aware that not all fonts, colors, icons can perfectly represent the logo’s concept. Each business has its features in the design world.

We continued to design the new website 100% from scratch. The client desired to have a direct and fresh website to take the company to the next level. Group effort was close and constant between IIS E-Solutions developers and the company, with many emails exchanged regularly. We are glad to report that Next Orients’ team was very responsive and knowledgeable with their support. We were able to complete this website within the project deadline and reach a pleasing result.

Client: Next Orients
Location: US
Category: Medical  
Since: 2021